Compare Master’s Degrees in Music and Business


A master's degree is usually a one-to three-year program that prepares a student for advancement in a career or the opportunity to enroll in a doctoral program. This postgraduate course follows a baccalaureate, usually in a related field.

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What is a Master in Music Business? It focuses on the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the music industry. During this program, a student learns how to apply business practices and principles, including marketing, finance, and leadership. Publications, licenses, promotions, revenues and funds for musicians and copyright are all critical facets necessary for success in the music industry. A graduate can also learn how to conduct online and physical marketing campaigns and generate fan experiences for a maximum exposure of musicians.

A person may opt to enroll in a music business degree program for a variety of reasons. The course work teaches skills such as accounting, marketing and information technology that are vital in many fields, paving the way for upward mobility within the industry.

Many institutions offer advanced titles in music business, and there are aspects of each that are unique to that program. Fees, tuition and tuition fees vary, and this makes it difficult to calculate the cost. Through a thorough investigation of the options, a student can ensure that a program meets the educational and financial requirements.

Global entertainment companies look for qualified people to cover jobs in a variety of professional environments. Sponsorship Coordinators, digital marketers, sales reps, public relations and talent and music development specialists are just some of the offers currently available. Opportunities include jobs on television, radio and online media, and many may include travel for promotions and concerts.

Music business programs are available internationally. Many learning institutions offer online options to make it easier for those who require time and location flexibility. To take the first step towards a successful career in the music industry, look for your program below and contact the school admissions Office of your choice directly by completing the application form.

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