10 Keys to Success in the Music Business


Here are 10 keys artist's guide to success in the music business:

1. Few things are more satisfying than spending your life making music, but the only ones who will receive the right to be a musician are the ones who work hard. Respect the privilege of being free enough to have this choice.

2. People can be your own worst enemy. Stop complaining and blaming other people and be aware of the decisions that will lead you to success. Each one of us creates our own reality every day.

3. You can never be smart enough or be everything prepared that you would like to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Your direct, your songs and your interpretation can always improve. Don't use that as an excuse. Be a professional.

artist's guide to success in the music business

4. It is very difficult to be incredible to the public. Ask the people in your environment, absorb all that feedback. Find out what you're good at and focus on. Get other people to help you. If you fail to stand out and rise above the rest of the herd, you will always be struggling in the midst of mediocrity. Be incredible.

5. Remember the old phrase of thinking before talking and breathing deeply before addressing someone in certain emotional states. Most of us have many things in our lives but we can benefit a lot from staying focused on our goals and goals by keeping calm in most situations.

6. Maybe we share that we are not surprised by the amount of people who spend time looking back and trying to understand what people think of them. We will progress more if we stop worrying about the past and embrace the future.

7. The only thing that will help you take off in your career is the forward impulse. A lot of people get stuck in their own mud. Take action, generate movement and then see what happens.

8. Get some kind of cash flows right away, no matter how small. Sell merchandising, license your songs, teach classes, as a session musician. The point is that one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to borrow a lot of money and then spend it on things that don't matter.

9. Successful artists have something to discuss and work on launching their message. Your chances of success increase exponentially if you have a unique position and create a tracking of fans who really listen to you because you have something important to say.

10. You can not make good music alone. Surround yourself with talented people, write together, play together, deal with new things. Take inspiration out of yourself and learn. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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