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Shabby Chic Style Interior Design – Not so long ago, namely in 1980-IES, Englishwoman-Designer Rachel Eshvell, introduced the world to the new style is Shabby Chic, which translated literally sounds like “Shabby Chic”. And she was born of a passionate love Eshvell to the antique furniture she bought up at flea markets and then independently restored. Seeing the delight of others, she added a bit of decoration and became the founder of a totally new trends in the interior.

To create this style at home it is not necessary to be the owner of the old mansion with Gallery of portraits of ancestors in the Hall (although such a spirit should reign in this shabby house-family nest, with its history, bearing the traces of the aesthetic preferences of all generations). Today everyone can use not cunning tricks to bring into your life a bit of lightness, tenderness, this chic.

Total eclecticism

Definitely say that this subject is purely in the shabby chic style is very difficult, because it will feel equally comfortable at the same time and the elements of the Rococo, and Provence, and country music, vintage and retro. The main thing is it’s all had a vintage look, it harmoniously linked and bore the imprint of the past way of life of the inhabitants of this house.

Light ceiling with traces of plaster cracked or chipped paint, “burnt” wallpaper, light wooden floor with signs of scratches or chips and cracks, if this tile in the kitchen-all this is the most characteristic techniques of decoration in the shabby chic style. To achieve the desired effect would not necessarily wait for decades — cracks on the ceiling you can draw, and pick up the necessary shade for wallpaper and several tiles in the kitchen before laying the break and lay in pieces.

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For chic shabby very characteristic of a bit “burnt”, pastel shades-dairy, linen, pale blue, pale pink, sea foam, light purple. They are ideal for the decoration of the walls and ceiling and create the right atmosphere of light and airiness. Bright blotches if found, then not so often and very dosage.

Yes, Yes, that’s right furniture with traces of former chic. If the aged or vintage frank can be found in other styles (Provence, retro), the furniture in the shabby chic style must not only wooden and old, but also the “noble” species. Make sure wood, painted in several layers of bright paint, with bent backs and thread.

Ruffles and lace

That’s really where you can roam the female imagination, such abundance of textiles with Ruffles, lace does not meet more in any other style. Choosing a fabric, it is worth remembering that it must be genuine and expensive-silk, tapestry, linen, cotton, wool. All this should be laid in the Cascades and draperies, curtains are usually complemented by a lambrequins and picked. Upholstered furniture covers are not redundant. Basic color – all those same roses and angels, sometimes there is a strip of cage and, but without the use of sharp contrasts.

Roses and Angels

The abundance of these motifs in different variations of this style differs from a very similar atmosphere of Provence. Most often they are used as prints for wallpaper and textiles, in the form of figurines. In addition, you can meet and compositions of natural dried flowers.

The methods of decorating, which are rarely found in modern interior, very appropriate in this style. Often trim stucco ceilings, gilt and craquelure used in the decoration of furniture and decoration objects. By the way, using these techniques, you can refresh yourself beloved grandmother chair or give a second life to the family table.

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So it is possible to describe all of these caskets, vases, figurines of angels, flowers, gilded mirror frames, crystal chandeliers, carved picture frames, lace napkins, porcelain dolls, women’s hats, table lamps with pendants. Shabby decor in many, but a sense of proportion is better not to forget, as all in the interior already has some form of decoration.

The spirit of antiquity, romantic, noble gentlemen and ladies of Turgenev’s in the Shabby-interior. It should be a story, the memory of ancestors – their wealth, both physical and spiritual. This family nest, in which each member of the family comfortable and cozy, regardless of age and social status – this appears Shabby style a modern twist. By the way, if someone may seem that it is suitable except for the girls is mistaken. Today, thanks to the abundance of different decor and careful selection of furniture, even for tough men can create a comfortable interior in the style Chebbi. It’s all about the sense of measure and the presence of taste.

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