Red And Black High Gloss Bedroom Furniture

Red And Black High Gloss Bedroom Furniture

When painting our bedrooms most of us will stick to neutral colors like tan or white. These are simple and allow us to play it safe. For some of us though these colors are bland. Instead we want something that is dramatic and helps to show off the flare that we have for life. Painting the room black and red is a bold move, but one that can be pulled off as long as you know how to do it right. When you do it right you can create a bedroom design that is luxurious.

Now sit down with them and sort through what they have. Have them throw away any obvious garbage and anything that they When it comes to paint there are different shades that you can pick out. Look at each of the shades for red and black and try to find the one that you love the most. You might want a deep red or something a bit more orange. Lay the colors next to each other and try to imagine how it will look on the wall.

Red And Black High Gloss Bedroom Furniture

Black is a great color, but it is not one that can be used on a whole wall. That might work in a theater room, but in the bedroom it can be disastrous. Instead you are going to use it as the accent color. You can use it to paint the furniture, have a black area rug, or even black picture frames.

Just because this is a red and black design does not mean that you can’t have other colors. The only other color that would work well is white. Try to add a bit of white trim to the design to create a more romantic and relaxing design. It also helps the whole look to stick out and to be more dramatic. Red And Black High Gloss Bedroom Furniture

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When you are buying the paint you need to use one brand for the primer and paint. You can save money if you purchase the brands that combine both into one. These are slightly more expensive, but require fewer coats on the wall. In the end you will spend less because you are using less. Thank for reading Red And Black High Gloss Bedroom Furniture

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