How to Make Saloon-Style Doors

The saloon-style doors have always been setting of thousands of duels and gunfights between large players, usually built of wood with two doors that open in both directions. The cost to accomplish a similar goal, it is absolutely not high, in fact through a few materials able to recreate to perfection. Obviously, you’ll be provided with several tools that will make your life a little easier during the construction of the port. Also choose in which place you will have to place the new saloon door. Here’s how to create a saloon door.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • Wooden boards, drill, boomerang hinges, sandpaper, drills, angular beams, sander, anchors, clamps, wall paint, brush, circular saw, screwdrivers, wooden beams.

Buy the wood resistant boards and helping with a circular saw, having taken the right breadth and height measurements, cut the shape you prefer. To make your job easier and be precise, fixed wooden tables with clamps and put them on top of each other to cut them exactly alike. Sand smooth edges and the most protruding parts to make them completely smooth. And here ready the two doors in the saloon style.

Attach the wooden beams (the measure that fits the size of the opening and the height of the door) on the sides of the wall making holes with tarpano in wider entrance and in the closest final. Now insert the plugs resistant to the weight of the door leaves, put the screws and screw with a suitable screwdriver. Obviously, the beams will be wider than the door to a more refined and precise work, enter the angle of the beams edges on fixing them with small nails to beat. Calculated a distance of 10 cm from the point of the beginning of the door hinge mounting, to understand the height on which to secure the door leaves. It will take about 4 to boomerang resistant hinges for each leaf, do not give in to the door during the opening and the closure continues.

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always calculated (before mounting all) two centimeters in the central space between the two doors to make sure that the latter does not rub against each other but can freely open and bounce. Painted the new port and the beams of the same color and you’re done.

Alternatively, to achieve a saloon door, measured the width of the door frame. Subtract 2.5 cm from the main measure, to accommodate the hinges. Divide the final measure for 2, so as to determine the width of each port. You decide the length: you can also get smaller with shorter doors and panels that do not cover the entire opening of the door; the panels should extend for the whole length to ensure a sort of confidentiality between the exterior and the interior of the environment in which they will be positioned. Remember that the saloon door should space about 2.5 cm from the floor. Lay the panels on a large flat work surface (alternatively, use a lattice or decorative plywood panels). Roll out the pattern paper on a panel, and trace the outline of the door.

Turn over and draw the design on the second panel. Cut both panels with a circular saw or a hacksaw and smooth the edges with sandpaper. Paint the door to your heart’s content and install the hinges. Use at least two hinges on each side of the door. The distance depends on the height of the hinges of the swing doors. Install the bottom hinge at a distance of about 2 cm from the lower end. Similarly fasten the upper hinge about 2 cm below the upper end of the swinging door. If the doors extend for the entire length of the opening, a third hinge installed at the center of each side for greater stability. To allow the door to be open from the inside and outwards, used a barrel with dual action on the hinges. Check that both ports are level before tightening the screws.

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