Liftmaster Garage Door Keypad 877max

Liftmaster Garage Door Keypad 877max

Liftmaster Garage Door Keypad 877max We all know security and convenience are crucial for you personally and your loved ones. A garage door keypad is really a common device which enables you the peace of mind of the security system without having the hassle of having to carry a key or remote around along with you. It could be confusing how you can operate this device or cause it to be work along with you garage door. That’s why we made this video. If you are programming your garage door keypad for the very first time or you merely feel as if changing the code, this step-by-step guide from your Entry Systems professional causes it to be a fast and straightforward task.

Here’s an overview :
The Liftmaster 877MAX keypad can program multiple garage doors and automated gates. It really works with any color “learn button” in your garage door operator (that’s the button upon the machine which pulls your door open ).

Programming your 877MAX keypad is straightforward.

1- Open the keypad and hold the star (* ) and pound (# ) buttons down till the lights upon the keypad begin to flash. The keypad stop flashing and become lit up.
2- Go into the four digit code of your liking upon the keypad.
3- Press the “learn button” in your garage door operator & the light next towards the button will come on.
4- Hit the “Enter” button in your keypad. You‘ll press it a particular quantity of times with respect to the color of your respective “learn button. ”

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For any yellow “learn button” : 1 time
For any purple “learn button” : 2 times
For the orange or red “learn button” : 3 times
For any green “learn button” : 4 times
5- Press the amount zero in your keypad, and It‘ll lock with your code.
6- You are able to test the body by inputting your four digit code and pressing enter. The body should now run !

It’s really that easy. We’d adore to listen to any questions you may have, video ideas you’d adore to discover, or other general feedback for

Liftmaster Garage Door Keypad 877max

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