Kids Room Decor for Boys

Kids Room Decor for Boys – There is no dispute, organize space for a small child’s brothers is very difficult, will have literally every centimeter count. Moreover, each child its own character and needs. Although nothing is impossible does not happen and even with a small investment, you will be able to equip every kid his personal space to sleep, play and learning. And 8-10 m2 in this case – not a sentence.

Sleep zone

Better start working on a children’s design, when the youngest will not need a special bed. Focusing on teenage size, folded furniture “Tetris” will be much easier and more profitable. As they say, for years to come.

First, ask the children what kind of beds they like: a bunk, bunk offset, roll out or detached. Adults have to take into consideration: the second and last option is preferable for children with a large difference in age, as they have hatred schedule.

Naturally, small owners will insist on designer bedding, for example, in the form of car or ship. Try to convince them. Firstly, in a dream, they are unlikely to see the building, and secondly, the bed – it’s not a place for active play, and, thirdly, if you put two “ship” in the nursery, play and do their homework, they will be in the hallway. It is better to restrict the thematic decor, for example, home textiles or design headboard. Moreover, the brothers are clearly different interests – someone like football, someone horses.

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Save the furniture-transformer area with movable wall with beds. This is a great option, but it is quite expensive, as its quality – the safety of your children.

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Also pay attention to the lighting of the sleep area. Bright light does not fall from the work area, or when one does, the other will not be able to sleep.

Oh, this science

Two desks in a small room – it is certainly a luxury, but a necessity. And not necessarily to place two separate jobs. This may be a desk or double extended table. To save space, instead of a desktop computer, give the kids a laptop.

The most advantageous placement of the table – use the window sill. Your boys are unlikely to grow palm trees, so often the place is empty. Suitable T-top with racks on both sides of the window. The only caveat: consider how to muffle the bright daylight. It can be roller shutters, blinds or reflective film.

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Fun hour

If you do not properly organize games area, children will constantly hang on you or not to depart from the TV. In a small room is not a place for big games from the category of table hockey or curling. Young artists easel instead of the volume can be hung on the wall of a roll of paper for drawing. For fidgets suitable compact sports area of the Swedish ladders, rings and rope. By the way, to show imagination, you can on the walls and ceiling to put a rope ladder. Young “monkeys” so much fun obviously will appeal.

If you still insist on the fitness corner, set his best in the hallway or loggia. In the same store bikes and scooters.

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The main order

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Order in the children’s room – fantastic. Although… the proper organization of furniture and boxes for storage of toys will help keep the room clean. Children do not need deep closets and massive chests. Reserving them for grandma’s bedroom. Ideal fit drawers under the bed for bedding and non-seasonal items. If they are not provided, you can make the podium under the bed or work area. Use also the area around the door. It can be as bookshelves and wardrobe or showcases for collections.

Ever migrating toys at home, too, should take its place. Agree with children that are not interesting for games and plush toys is better to give other kids. And should be placed in flexible containers that can be placed, for example, under the desk. They look great and save space textile hanging organizers or the so-called wardrobes. They do not occupy much space and at the same time play the role of a kind of decorative.

It is important that children are actively involved in the creation of his room. It not only develops their creativity, which is also unimportant, but will also provide an extra incentive to love her “nest”. Be sure to take them to the construction and furniture stores, as well as constantly let the job, for example, to draw a picture for the wall or collect from the designer house for small toys. Only in such circumstances, you will have the perfect children’s room, in which the adults will want to return to childhood and to fool around with his sons.

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