How To Decorate A Garden with Country Style

Organize and furnish a new garden is not simple and it is quite difficult to disentangle between the various styles that you can choose, and the vast amount of material that the market currently offers. If you are not going to change every year the furnishing available Garden or the trees that houses it is preferable to adopt a style that never go out of style and is always present. The country style is the one that performs better than others in this task while remaining fashionable. In the following guide in fact, with a few simple steps, I will show you how to decorate a country-style garden, also providing all the necessary information and some useful tips on how to achieve this in the most simple and quick as possible. So let’s see how to proceed.

Make sure you have the following tools:

  • roof with shingles
  • a rocking chair in rustic wood
    rectangular table
  • rustic bench
  • cushions in cloth
  • decorative ashtrays
  • Garden gnomes
  • vessels
  • lavender plant

First, you have to think about the garden furniture that will have to be strictly made with materials in warm colors, just like wood. then opt for soft lines that are able to create a nice harmonic sense of the whole. They are to be avoided tables and chairs made of natural materials, but with an innovative design, but instead can be placed under a nice roof covered with tiles, a rocking chair in rustic wood and a rectangular table, not too big, unpainted solid wood.

In the shelter of the shed, you can enter a very rustic bench carved from a tree trunk cut in half, resting directly on the ground without support. Both on the bench than on the chairs, you need to add for extra pillows thick canvas beige raw cotton, while on the table you can place decorative ashtrays natural wood, which have not undergone either polishing or otherwise treatments. If you do not have a roof under which to place the furniture, you can always resort to a gazebo covered with a thick rough canvas jute.

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In a country garden worthy of respect, can not miss the classic garden gnomes placed in any order. But it is better, put them in places not too trampled, just to avoid the risk of accidental falls by those who are not aware of their sympathetic presence. As for the plants, you can place in the garden large and capacious vases overflowing with flowers, or you can plant them directly one by one between the turf. In a corner of your garden, a large lavender plant there is always good.

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