23 Creative Ideas For a Small Garden

Almost everybody’s dream is to have a beautiful garden, luxuriant and varied. But if the garden is small it is difficult to organize a great variety of species because it has to deal with limited space that does not allow plants to develop optimally. But nevertheless there are some creative ideas for a small garden, making the most of every little space and creating an oasis of tranquility and peace that only the plants with their beauty can give. Then we discover how to make our garden.

In recent years, there is widespread fashion of vertical gardens, often adopted for balconies and terraces of the city. This trend actually, arises from the need to bring the beauty of plants in their habitat while not having space for a real garden.

Taking advantage of the special panels or networks created precisely for the vertical gardens they grow plants vertically in special containers. The aesthetic impact is impressive and allows you to have a garden despite not having enough space.

One of the most beautiful gardens that you can create is the Japanese garden. This type of garden has many elements only very few shrubs, bonsai, often with an environment made of stone and gravel, also important is the presence of a pond that can be easily overcome by introducing as replacing a small fountain. The characteristic of this type of garden is to encourage relaxation.

The garden with small plants

The obvious solution when you want a garden but space is so inexpensive is to choose smaller plant. You can steer towards climbing plants that are always impressive, or Evergreen plants or flowers are not excessive. It will not, however, fulfill the desire of having trees in your own garden.

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The essential garden

Essential garden takes advantage of the space, leaving it free. The space is decorated only by a green meadow where there are only very few species of plants. For example of rose bushes. The size of the grounds are enhanced so that the garden looks bigger hit of reality.

The garden with succulents

The garden consists of plants not excessive in size can be a good solution and also of great visual effect, evoking a typical landscape of the desert. This type of garden also has the added benefit of not having to be followed very carefully, at least when it comes to watering.

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