How to Create a Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean garden is a special outdoor space that precisely reproduces views of the Mediterranean type. It is characterized by freshness, many colors, flourishing vegetation and unmistakable and spring scents. A lush green area stands out particularly the alternation between areas exposed to the sun and points in shadow. This sequence creates the atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean lawn. To find out how to create a Mediterranean garden is necessary to refer to some basic mechanisms.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • Lawn grasses
  • Different types of trees including many citrus
  • Aromatic plants
  • Walls

To create a Mediterranean garden in the best way you have to start from the ground. It is best to sow abundant grass. This fact, in no time, will cover all the space available with a soft green uniform coat. The grass is the most suitable Cynodon dactyon, because it offers a good weather resistance, and summer does not need much water to grow lush. A Mediterranean garden should first of all be friendly and create large areas of shade. To do so naturally, simply plant at least a tree by a large and lush foliage. The most suitable trees are mulberry, carob and pomegranate. Are advised against the olive trees: though they can over the years to scan very large foliage, their leaves are too small to create large shadows.

Most fundamental is a fountain to be placed at the garden center, which is able to power small water paths surrounded by plants. The Mediterranean garden can be decorated with flowers typical of the Mediterranean. Alternatively you can plant roses along the perimeter which marks its boundaries, to give him a touch of color. Now we can think about the plants. Near the house you can plant prickly pears, which do not need any care to grow and thrive. In summer they give you sweet and juicy fruits in large quantities. A whole of the Mediterranean garden area should be dedicated to citrus. You can plant directly in the ground or in large decorative terracotta pots: the best citrus fruits are lemon trees, orange, mandarin and bergamot fragrance. In addition to reap the benefits in due course, the pleasant aroma of their bloom will expand and will flood the whole garden. The aroma is fundamental to create a Mediterranean garden with unique atmospheres.

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Some corners of the garden can be more reduced and reserved. To create these places, you can build dry stone walls are not too loud. They will be able to decorate at a later time with climbing and resistant plants, such as ivy. Behind the walls can be filled with either garden furniture that delicate plants, which bear little strong winds. This way you can have a bit ‘of privacy even in an open space. Bushy herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, can be placed in a special way. You can alternate to flowers with strong colors, such as brooms in flower beds, bordered by irregular rocks at the foot of the tallest trees.

Never forget:

Add in plenty of numbers the most lush trees and creating plenty of shade, because this is most fascinating feature of the Mediterranean garden.

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