How To Create Kitchen Sink with Masonry

Masonry kitchen give certainly a classy and elegant touch to the houses, but can also offer a viable alternative to divide the living area from the kitchen, where we have many spaces available. This guide offers some useful tips on how to create kitchen sink with masonry. A sink that surely will stand out more from the quality of your beautiful kitchen. So let’s see how to proceed.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • cement
  • tiles of terracotta or ceramic
  • washbasin.

First, during the construction of a kitchen, the first thing to do is to take the right steps on the basis of spaces dedicated to it: you will have to, in fact, calculate the space for the stove, the sink (single or double), the fridge and the kitchen furniture, which are essential elements, trying eventually to carve out space for the dishwasher or some additional elements. Once you have made the division of spaces, you will have to build the skeleton of the kitchen using of bricks positioned in series, ie one above the other and joined together with the aid of a layer of cement.

Having also built the skeleton of the kitchen, you can proceed to the creation of the sink area. If you have so much space, you can also consider the idea of creating a double sink, very convenient because you can altering the use in case one is temporarily unavailable. The sinks that surely is better suited to the style of the kitchen in masonry, are those made of marble, stone or concrete; the stainless steel sinks can be taken into account because very hygienic, although not help you to fully achieve the rustic style.

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In case you have the opportunity to build a concrete basin with your hands, you can act directly on the space dedicated to it and, once the realization, you can arrange to cover the inner surface of the sink itself (remember that in the sink must It is realized the drain hole for the water) with the terracotta tiles or ceramic that, in addition to covering the surface not very presentable cement, will donate to your masonry sink a very rustic look and class. Under this option, try to avoid heavy pots from falling into the sink, to avoid possible rupture of the tiles.

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