How to Choose the Right Wood Oven Garden

Anyone who has a garden and loves the kitchen would have the desire to have a wood-burning oven for the garden that allows you to cook the pizzas, to roasted, bake bread and so on. This guide will take care to give some helpful tips on how to choose a wood oven for the garden. There are wood burning ovens for the garden with different coatings made of various materials, from brick to brick, from ceramic to metal, but we must take into account some features that should have a good wood oven garden. Then, read the following guide to make sure you pick the wood oven that suit your needs. Here’s how.

First we start by describing the inside of the furnace with wood ideal for the garden. It must be lined with refractory bricks. It is bricks that resist the very strong heat for long periods without undergoing deformation or cracks, and then the heat absorbed, also is released after the shutdown of the embers. In some furnaces it is also present twice from power layer eventually replace in case of damage with the passage of time. To access the hearth, some types of oven are equipped with a small flap which has the function of retaining heat in its interior, others have available a valve for the discharge of the ashes in the underlying tray. What can not be missed is the internal thermometer to know exactly what temperature the oven has reached and so, when put into the foods.

The materials which cover can be red brick, rough stone with warm colors to give an air oldest in a rustic garden, or dark stone and more refined for modern gardens. Also can be covered with ceramic that remains one of the easiest materials to clean, with refractory bricks inside, plastered white to give it a serious, professional, also there are some more technological models covered entirely of stainless steel.

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The size of the garden oven depends on the space available in the garden and by the needs of those who must use: it goes from small furnaces that are resting on foundations already present, perhaps cement, of medium size where, beneath it , there is a compartment for storing objects for cooking, or a small supply of wood, up to large sizes in which the furnace is split, giving way to a small space for cooking in the grill. You can also choose different forms: a small house, round, arched, domed.

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