How To Choose Right Gravel For Garden

The gravel can be of different sizes, shapes, and backgrounds, based on usage you can choose a coarse gravel for garden, or a medium or small gravel, with a diameter between 1 and 3 cm. If used for pure decoration, there is a colored gravel as: Pearl Grey, red and blue shades. We can say that the gravel is ideal for use in areas with frequent treading, as parts of the garden, where they are more frequent walking. Very suitable to place a gazebo in the garden, to decorate a tree or outline the edge of the flower beds. However the gravel plays an exceptional draining water, if it is fully seated in the ground and, should present no problems from the point of view of consistency of the flooring. Now let us be guided by the steps of this guide to learn how to choose the right gravel for the garden.

The gravel can be worked to replace the pavement of a part of the more or less large garden. It represents a viable, functional and above all much cheaper. In fact the gravel you can quickly put down without resorting to the support of skilled professionals and helps ensure optimum drainage of the ground thus avoiding the annoying presence of puddles in the rain. The gravel can also be positioned to cover the streets and other areas subject to heavy foot traffic where the grass would not last long as such under the gazebo or around the area furnished with tables and chairs. The type of gravel most utilized for all these purposes generally has two different diameters, or the crushed stone from one centimeter and one slightly larger by three. These two types are well suited to the terrain of support and with the passage of time is compacted creating a very pleasant to see and even surface to walk on.

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Often it prefers completely white gravel but for beading flower beds or to create passageways you can also use the gray pebbles, provided that the garden is planted with flowers that help to give greater vitality to the whole environment. In the purchase phase of the gravel, after choosing the type that best matches your own garden, you must calculate the approximate quantity to be ordered. To do this, simply measure the area where you’ll want to install and multiply it by about twenty centimeters deep. In fact, to create a good base for the gravel is slightly better dig the soil for at least about twenty centimeters and then fill it with the stone granulate.

The gravel does not need special maintenance to look always perfect, since rainwater washes occasionally eliminating dust and pollen that you settle on. From time to time you should rip with hands the weeds that grow among the pebbles. Over the years you may need to pour the new gravel above the previous one because its weight tends to make her place in the ground but is a task to be undertaken only once every four or five years.

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