2016 Children’s Vintage Style

Children’s Vintage – one of the most comfortable and “warm” style, is ideally suited for registration of a child’s room, if you want to develop a child’s craving for beauty, taste and instill a love of stories. More often than not, this style is used in the rooms for the youngest or the romantically inclined teenage girls, but thanks to modern designers, male version also has a place to be.

Muted tones


In most cases, using a bit muffled, as if faded pastel shades in vintage style. This is a very positive effect on the child’s psyche is not annoying, and calms. It is best to choose a color most close to the natural – sand, milk, olive-green, sky blue, burgundy.

Wallpaper with pattern


If you choose wallpaper as decoration for the walls, then make sure that that they have the appropriate type. A little “faded” colors and small patterns – flowered, airplanes, small animals, butterflies and geometric figures.

Aged furniture


In matters of selection of furniture for the creation of this style there are two ways – really vintage furniture and its stylization. The first option can be expensive and the money and time – it is necessary to find and collect the set, similar in time frame to purchase or refurbish. Therefore, today more popular second way – by hand decoration. For this fit grandmother’s dresser or chest, antique bookshelf, that is a long time in the attic. All this can be painted, varnished, or apply the technique of “decoupage” and at the exit you get a wonderful unique piece.

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Metal bed


One of the characteristic features of the vintage style – a metal bed with wrought iron, twisted headboard. These can still be found grandmothers or old houses, flea markets, though, and you can buy a new copy.

Retro accessories

imagine this style is simply impossible without them. If you are in the bins to keep your toys, or toys your parents – they fit perfectly into the new interior. Modern manufacturers also do not forget about this style and often produce entire collections. Among the toys created manually for vintage suits especially popular lately doll tilde. But beyond that, it must be remembered about the different elements of the textile – napkins, towels, tablecloths and curtains, bedspreads and pillows. They should be only from natural materials – cotton, linen. Good fit black and white photographs in the intricate framework of small mirrors on the walls.

Creating a retro interior in the nursery, it is important to remember that it is a room for the little ones. Not always they will agree with your view and may want to make their own changes, for example, paint the wallpaper. Do not worry about it. Such creativity will give the room a new sound and give life, because vintage – does not mean only the past. First of all, it is a memory of something dear and touching. And what could be more touching than the manifestations of children’s creativity.

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