Change a Door Lock

A problem that usually occurs in an old window frame, is the block of the lock with the consequent danger of being locked inside or outside the room.

To prevent this situation, the normal recommendations, such as holding the various elements in efficiency, but must be considered that these mechanisms, since they are subject to continued movement, have a well defined duration.

Since this condition is a clear need to check the status of each device operating since you feel the first jams as a result of the rotation of the key and the sending of the deliveries.

In this case, if the problem persists even after the use of oils and lubricants, and if the lock has some shine behind, the best solution is to replace the entire mechanism.

The surgery can be performed by a locksmith or, as in the case that it exposes, also in an autonomous way and with a decent manual.

Removing a lock external frame

In this example, one works in a door of a local store (made with anodized aluminum profiles) and it occurred over time, turning the key, a progressive jamming of the mechanism.

As can be seen from the first attached photo, it was first removed the front plate on the inner edge of the frame, simply by unscrewing the two outside fixing screws to the profile, and the intermediate (lock) which is grafted with cylinder keychain.

Subsequently, removing the element and the cylinder, it is proceeded with the removal of the handles through the removal of rosettes, the various external screws (fixed to the profile) and of the metal part with a square section (pin).

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In fact, this element combines the two outer levers and consequently transmits the opening / closing movement to the built-in box of the lock.

After this phase, eliminated the various connections (plate, cylinder and pivot handles), the recessed box was easily show the profile of the door.

In a following photos we can see the internal mechanism of this device, in a very simple appearance, which makes us think about how to be a slight inconvenience, apparently trivial, could affect the operation of this object.

however it is possible, a repair of the damaged part, clearly having some experience in this area, but you have to compare the cost and time required for this operation than the modest price of buying a new device.

Replacement of the lock

For the purchase of the new lock, just go to a hardware store and compare the features of the dismantled piece with the new one.

In the present case, as shown in a photo attached, it has been found that the new element, while being similar to the previous one, showed a slight difference on the length of the front plate, but that does not jeopardize the operation and assembly of the mechanism.

The only precaution that is necessary to verify the compatibility of the position and size of the various engagement holes of the handles and the cylinder keychain.

Before placing the new item, it is removed with sandpaper, a slight at the deburring of the cylinder key ring hole that caused a slight friction in the graft of the workpiece.

The subsequent operations are, in substance, were similar to those mentioned previously, and executed, in this case, in the opposite direction.

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There was only one difference in the mounting of the plate, longer than the old lock as detailed above, which required two new holes on the aluminum profile.

To allow the insertion of self-tapping screws was necessary, by means of a drill with a small diameter tip, create new locations where housing the screws.

Completed the installation of the new lock on the frame exterior, it has completed the work with the lubrication of the mechanism.

The example cited, in its simplicity, should be framed in a more general aspect, which consists of a series of activities, DIY, where everyone, even if not of the trade, can have the opportunity to in a fix autonomous, with no apparent difficulties, even small domestic problems.

Enough, in fact, simple steps, good will, a decent manual, everyday tools and a way practical and intuitive to understand what are the procedures to be adopted during the various phases of work.

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